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"Happy Tails"

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(submitted on August 6th, 2005)

After many trips to Marquette County Humane Society we met Luna (aka Shasta) and on March 24, 2004 she came home with us forever changing our lives.
Training Luna has been so much fun and very rewarding. Luna loves the attention and the mini parties we throw for her when she achieves her goal. She learned her basics, sit, and stay, lay down, wait, back-it-up, and off all by hand commands as well as "bang-bang". She even knows the difference between left paw and right paw. We love to train her since she gets so into it! Luna is bright, smart and very amusing. Her favorite things are hiking, camping, and walks, catching the Frisbee, playing with her friends Ruby, Lotus and her newest friend Fletcher.
We could go on forever about her and her quirkiness but we'll keep it short. Thank you MCHS for bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives and thank you Julie for giving us the tools and resources to raise the perfect pet. What a positive experience this has been.

Danielle Morrison and Mikey Scott

When I got home from work the other night, as always Luna was excited to see me. This time it was very special since she had something tied to her collar. To my surprise and total amazement it was an engagement ring! Just perfect!

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